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Factory Recertified HDD & SSD

#1 Factory Recertified Storage Program

Learn more about why some of the largest companies in the world have joined our factory recertifed hard drive program.

This unique program offers recertified drives for both legacy and current product lines. Authorized to distribute for all four hard disk drive manufacturers, Horizon exclusively operates the #1 Factory Storage Program available in the market today.

Factory recertified hard drives can only be tested by the manufacturer and distributed by an authorized distributor. All drives are marked by the factory with a label indicating that it has passed all testing and quality requirements.

Factory Recertified vs. Refurbished Hard Drives

Unlike recertified drives, refurbished drives are done by secondhand vendors and not the manufacturers directly. They often are pulled from legacy programs then tested and reformatted for resell. These drives are not tested to the same stringent quality standards as a recertified drive and do not carry a factory warranty.

fac·to·ry re·cer·ti·fied

Factory recertified drives are tested by the manufacturer at their factory using the same rigorous testing process, approved suppliers and latest firmware that new drives must adhere to ensuring all benefits of the latest program designs.

Recertification Process

 Every  Drive that earns the quality statement of “Recertified” goes through the same rigorous test processes applied to WD, Seagate, Toshiba, and HGST’s new drives. This includes process flow, test sequence, test time, and pass/fail criteria. Only SSD’s with 95% read/ write cycles go through the recertification process.  If replacement parts are required, they are purchased only from approved suppliers and need to meet or exceed design specifications. Recertification test processes, always applies the latest standard firmware and test processes ensuring all benefits of the latest product designs.

Drives that pass the recertification testing process will receive a unique label certifying its’ Factory Recertified status. These drives can only be distributed in the market by authorized distributors, such as Horizon Technology, to ensure authentic, quality parts.

Top Quality Components

Every component found in a Factory Recertified Hard Drive comes from the same approved suppliers that the manufacturer’s use for their new product.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Only state-of-the-art equipment is used by the manufacturer to test and repair Recertified HDD’s.

Stringent Quality Requirements

In order for a hard drive to earn the “Factory Recertified” label, it must pass stringent quality tests and requirements causing them to have some of the lowest failure rates available.

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Quality & Cost Benefits

Direct from the factory. A recertified process you can trust.

Quality Benefits

Factory Recertified Drives come standard with up to a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty. That along with the stringent testing guidelines required to earn the recertified label, makes these drives the lowest failing drives in the market – even lower than new drives. Because these are not used or refurbished drives, many companies feel comfortable taking advantage of the considerable cost savings they capture while supplementing their supply chain with recertified drives.

Cost Benefits

20% %

20%+ Cost Savings Over New Desktop & Notebook Drives

30% %

30%+ Cost Savings Over New Enterprise Drives

Lower Failure Rates Than New or Used Drives


Prime (New) HDD & SSD

Horizon is not limited to factory rectified drives.  We offer a full complement of (new) hard drives and SSDs through our direct relationships with the manufacturers, authorized distributors and OEM excess at market competitive prices.  Our prime option combined with factory recertified drives and Horizon sourcing covers all your storage needs.