Firmware Flashing

The challenges faced by outsource service partners are in part due to the branding strategy of the OEMs they support. Firmware not only tells the hardware how to perform, but it also creates barriers to entry. For example, the tab-specific hard drives made by HGST, Western Digital, Seagate, or Toshiba that end up in your biggest PC brands’ install base must be replaced with parts containing those PC brands’ proprietary firmware. While the barrier to entry may be low for large manufacturers, service partners face obstacles when replacing components.




Through Horizon’s one-of-a-kind partnerships with top-name PC brands and HDD Manufacturers, we are authorized to flash OEM-specific firmware directly on to generic drives. We have also been licensed the right to label generic drives with PC branding and propriety UPC codes.






  • Increased profit margins for outsource service partners who may now replace failed drives with the same capacity drive, no matter the stage within the support cycle.
  • Leaner inventory model with confident access to a wider tab-specific supply.
  • Reduced risk of running into EOL and stock-out issues common with branded PC hard drive supply.
  • Mitigate the impact of missed forecasts with a partnership safety net waiting in the wings.
  • Greater flexibility in your supply planning. Horizon’s agile supply strategy means we can quickly ramp up tab-specific supply, even in the middle of a contract, if external factors negatively impact your primary source.


Data Wiping

In an age of big data and rampant security risks, it is essential to have a superior disposition plan in place to properly protect confidential data on decommissioned hard disk drives. With Horizon’s industry-leading equipment, we streamline and optimize the data wiping process, wiping your drives efficiently and thoroughly.

  • Meets NAID and NIST 800-00 standards of compliance
  • Onsite solutions available for particularly sensitive situations
  • Traceability and asset-level reporting throughout the entire process
  • Non-obsolete equipment is tested, graded and remarketed for revenue potential
  • Our solutions are available on a wide range of electronic storage media




Logistics is a complex process and at Horizon we understand how big of a role it plays in a  successful supply chain.  We apply the same principles of well documented procedures and  the measurement  of key  performance indicators to logistics as we do throughout our organization.   Whether shipping over night, by sea or drop shipping because it absolutely has to be there our logistics experts make it happen.  Our in house  developed Transportation Management System (TMS) was built specifically to address the needs of our industry and plugs into our workflow and SOP systems ensuring customer compliance across all transactions.  Horizon’s TMS is able to able to search best rates across shipping lanes and when processing transaction ensuring that all shipments have the correct paperwork avoiding unnecessary delays.

Each quarter we evaluate our carriers for cost and performance and require that they provide new quotes for the coming quarter to make sure that we have the most competitive rates in the industry.   Our low cost and  flawless execution ensure that we get it right each and every time and that you have the lowest possible overall cost of ownership.



HDD Testing and validation

All Hard Drives with out chain of custody back to the manufacturer are validated for authenticity and tested for functionality.

HDD Validation

  • Label compare test; compare the internal data of the hard drive, including serial number, model number, part number, capacity, and firmware version.
  • Detailed usage in Hours and data transfer amounts from S.M.A.R.T.
  • Advanced Drive Information – Speed, Size, Manufacturer, acoustics, spindle speed.
  • Validate PCBA against PCBA listed on manufacturer’s web site.
  • Drive is tested for data.

HDD Testing: Horizon utilizes a variety of test protocols including customer specific test scripts when testing Hard Drives.  Standard Horizon test criteria detailed below.

  • Spin up/ Spin down for one minute
  • Butterfly seek for 20000 blocks
  • Sequential write for 20000 block
  • Sequential read for 20000 block
  • Retrieve Smart data including serial number, part number, and firmware version

Test Documentation;  test results are documented and recorded for full traceability.

  • Test process and test options are detailed in Horizon Quality Process Manual.
  • All test results are serialized and recorded within Horizon testing data base.
  • Certificates of compliance provided



The importance of labeling often gets over looked.  Many of our customers not only expect us to get them the right drive that they order but it needs to be labeled to their criteria so that it can be processed within their work flow.  OEM specific labels need to be handled very carefully.  If they get into the wrong hands they can be used to counterfeit product.  Not only is Horizon on the forefront of anti counterfeit efforts but is a trusted vendor of most recognized OEMS and after extensive audits of processes and facilities is authorized to produce OEM specific hard drive labels.  We apply the same attention to detail when creating labels with defined workflows and a multi point label auditing system that is integrated into our work flow.  Buying hard labelled by horizon is like buying them direct from the factory.



Horizon offers a  full complement of hard drive kitting services including assembly of hard drive with rails, brackets or hard drive carriers depending on your needs.  You give us your secondary hard drive requirements including kitting, labelling, firm ware flashing and testing and we build a SOP with your requirements that travel with each order ensuring each drives is configured to your needs.