LCD Sourcing & Product Lifecycle Management

Our strength is in the information we manage.

At Horizon, we understand the many variables that impact your supply chain and make stability a challenge. Let us help manage those events and make absolutely sure you have the material needed to meet your needs and maintain production schedules. At Horizon Technology, we leverage our resources and many years of experience to achieve high levels of market liquidity. This data-driven approach allows us to help you better evaluate your options against ever-changing market conditions, increasing flexibility while stabilizing your supply chain.

Our Global Supply & Demand (GSD) Database

Horizon’s proprietary Global Supply & Demand database offers a 24/7 window into global supply and demand of the LCD market. The database delivers real-time targeted cost reduction, proactive & reactive sourcing, unsurpassed transactional velocity, and valuable market intelligence.

The GSD Database enables our account managers to efficiently manage availabilities, requirements, and any other purchasing criteria our customers set. This flexibility and versatility displays Horizon Technology’s primary differentiators and shows Market Liquidity in action.
Horizon Technology provides only the most relevant information for you based on your purchasing criteria. We only give you information that is important to you and provides a cost benefit, shorter lead time, or improved inventory flow.

mar·ket liq·uid·i·ty:

Knowing exactly what part numbers, quantities, and price points buyers are looking for and sellers are offering in the global market on a real-time basis.

Check out the infographic below explaining Market Liquidity and the power of our GSD Database.

LCD Sourcing Experts

Increase Your Options.

Whether you need to fill gaps in your supply or are looking for cost savings, Horizon has you covered. When allocation issues, end of life (EOL), or missed forecasts challenge your supply chain, our LCD sourcing team and GSD Database provide the information and options to get you back on track.

If our GSD Database doesn’t show an immediate availability let our LCD sourcing specialists find it for you. With almost 20 years of focused experience on LCD panels, along with global offices dedicated to the LCD market, we have developed the tools and relationships to find the product you need to keep you on schedule.

Looking for more than just an LCD Panel? Find out about our LCD Value Added Services here.


LCD Supply Chain Stability


When sourcing product globally, it is vital that you get the quality parts that you need when you need them. Horizon’s algorithm-based Supplier Performance Index (SPI) dramatically reduces risk by taking a supplier’s past performance history and factoring it into a composite score for each available part listed in our system. Horizon’s SPI gives secure options that you can trust. (Read more about our LCD Quality Processes here.) 

From tracking our suppliers’ performance in real time to auditing our own performance across key variables, our data-driven analytics ensure that even the smallest details conform to the highest standards and meet customer expectations.

Part Match Alerts Program

Taking a proactive approach to supply chain management.

The power of our GSD Database is best understood by what it does during the off-hours. When combined with our global sourcing strategy, our proprietary technology provides a continual stream of LCD part availability information – 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

  • Your Part Numbers

    Provide us with the part numbers you buy the most & we will enter it into our Global Supply & Demand (GSD) Database. Our Database can even handle approved alternate parts.

  • Your Buying Criteria

    Tell us how often, how many, and how much and we will provide a part match availability that meets all of your buying criteria.

  • Our GSD Database

    With thousands of global availabilities being entered daily, our GSD Database holds all the information you need to make informed supply chain decisions.

  • Get Notified!

    Customers signed up for our Part Match Alerts Program will be notified when our GSD Database finds a Part Match. Get quality information when you need it most.


Managed Inventory Program

Safeguarding you in the market.

When you need safeguarding in the market from stock-outs or unforeseen price spikes, Horizon is your trusted partner.  

When looking to save money in your current supply chain, a managed inventory solution can provide a lower per unit cost due to a less restrictive market.  Horizon’s Managed Inventory Solutions can also insulate against late deliveries and stock-outs by providing ship-on-demand or local inventory consigned by Horizon.


Program Benefits

Lower Costs

Increase net cash flow with lower per unit cost due to less restrictive supply channels.

Guaranteed Inventory

Zero chance of stock-outs and reduced lead times with ship-on-demand or local inventory consigned by Horizon.

Flexible Shipment Schedules

Keep inventory off of your books without running the risk of product unavailability.

Improved Warranties

Secure your investment with SKU level warranties customized around use dates, not purchase dates.

Flexible Payment Terms

Enjoy flexible payment terms giving you the net cash flow you need.

Information Power of GSD

Horizon’s GSD contains the information power you need to make well-informed supply chain decisions. Tap into a global network of information to manage your supply chain safely and effectively.

What is Market Liquidity

Check out our infographic below explaining Market Liquidity and the power of our GSD database.

Market Liquidity IG for web