Horizon Technology takes a consultative customer centric approach and offers  end-to-end interactive LCD screen solutions customized to each of our clients’ unique brands.

Horizon has the capacity to design, engineer, manufacture and distribute all of the hardware and software your business needs to utilize today’s touch technologies.

Integrated Touch Displays

touch integation

Horizon Technology has been leading the charge in standardizing interactive display products for more than 7 years. Our products range from fully integrated single point touch systems to full multi-user video walls, with everything in between. You can be assured that the quality of Horizon’s integrated touch displays are second to none. We conduct a rigorous triple-check quality inspection on all products we integrate.


Horizon can integrate a wide variety of touch onto your 6” – 82” LCDs.

  • Resistive
  • Surface Capacitive
  • Projected Capacitive
  • Infrared
  • Optical
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Video Walls, Tables, Kiosks

Horizon Display, a division of Horizon Technology specializes in large format touchscreen displays, video walls, tables and interactive digital signage solutions. Horizon Display is committed to championing the impact of display technology as a means of communication by educating our audience, consulting our customers and becoming intimately familiar with their business objectives. Their motto is “first to respond, first to resolve.” Horizon Display translates your vision into tangibles and provides the solutions to do it all.


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Sunlight Readable Displays

sunlight readability

Sunlight visibility of a display depends on reflections of ambient light and the brightness of a display. Often times adding a touch screen or other type of protective safety glass can compound the issue. There are many ways to increase a displays performance when washed out due to a bright environment that not only improve the displays clarity but also protect it from direct heat and sunlight.



Horizon can optimize a wide variety of touch onto your 6” – 82” LCDs.

  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Brightness enhancements
  • Optical bonding
  • IR/Heat reducing films
  • Privacy filters
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LCD Kitting

Based on the your  needs, our engineering team develops solutions to integrate  raw LCD into a display unit. An LCD Kit typically consists of the items listed below. Each of the items has a potential to be programmed  or modified to accommodate  customer specific requirements.




Controller Board

This is the “brain” of the kit. It interprets the computer’s signal and translates it into a language the LCD speaks.


Inverter/ LED Driver Board

It converts low voltage power to high voltage power to power lamps for illumination.


On Screen Display (OSD) Board

The button board that controls the menu options for the panel such as brightness and contrast.


Power Supply Unit

The brick that supplies power to the controller board and also an AC/DC converter, stepping down to 12V DC.

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Software Development

studio5 cta

Studio 5 is a division of Horizon Technology that specializes in Software Development. The creative team of Studio 5 develops immersive interactive experiences that create collaborative environments, promote brand awareness and communicate product and service information in a user-friendly way.


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