Traceability & Reporting Through the Whole Process

Maximize the return on your hard disk drive assets by leveraging Horizon’s unique market-leading position within the global storage market.

Data Wiping

All data erasure is completed in strict accordance with the DoD 5220.22-M standard at our ISO certified facilities.


Storage devices that don't pass quality control are securely shredded in accordance with NSA standards - the ultimate in secure data destruction

Profit Maximization

Leverage Horizon’s mature global distribution channels for maximized economic recovery and comfort knowing the 2nd life of the recovered asset.

Asset Analysis

Tap into Horizon's Global Supply and Demand Database for real time market analysis of supply, demand and price for your HDD's.

Horizon can help you recognize the potential of this valuable revenue stream and maximize returns while maintaining necessary governance over all assets.

To keep pace with the storage market evolution, Horizon offers creative and flexible solutions for removing sensitive data from your old storage devices in a secure and localized manner. We help turn depreciating assets into resalable technology and strategically remarket your drives through our established global sales channels.