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Horizon July Hard Drive Market Brief

27 July in Global Supply & Demand (GSD) Database, Hard Drives, Uncategorized

Horizon Hard Drive Market Brief June 2016   Market- Seagate’s and Western Digitals recent resurgence in stock valuations is reflective of a stronger than anticipated personal computer market, market consolidation, and cost cutting; with the hard drive manufacturers balancing manufacturing capacity against demand. With manufacturers kicking the unit...

Horizon Technology 4Q14 HDD Market Perspective

4Q14 Hard Disk Drive Forecast & Market Perspective

23 October in Hard Drives

New 8TB drives hit the market WD and Seagate both introduced the world’s first 8TB drives for Enterprise applications. The high cap drives are in response to cloud builders’ ever-increasing need for higher cap, higher efficiency, yet still cost-effective, storage. There is not a lot of...

Enterprise Hard Disk Drive Storage

Rotating Hard Drive Storage is Alive and Well!

28 July in Hard Drives

When I was hired in 1997 by IBM, my first role was to forecast IBM HDD (hard disk drive) prices, volumes and revenue.  I was shocked by the fluctuation in pricing and the movement of share between HDD manufacturers.  Back in those days, however, there...

Hard Drive Supply Chain Project Management

5 Effective Ways to Save Big on Your Hard Drive Supply Chain

23 May in Hard Drives

In my last blog post, I talked about the potential effects that the introduction of the new 5 TB and 6 TB drives can have on the open market. The introduction of higher capacity drives into the market does not cause an impact so great...

5 Gig Thunderbolt Hard Drives

Storage Demand is Way Up While Costs May Trend Down

01 May in Hard Drives

The 5TB and 6TB hard drives hit the market. In a world where technology is driven by storage space and speed, the recent introduction of Seagate’s LaCie 5TB Thunderbolt Series desktop drive and HGST’s Ultrastar He6 6TB enterprise drive is big news. But what does this...